Free Movie Night - Canoe Movie!

Free Movie Night at GRS is back for February and this month you're in for a treat! This month we will be focusing on those crazy single-bladed kneeling paddlers - canoeist! That's right, we've got another triple feature set up for you this month! So join us Wednesday, February 21st for some action packed fun!

Our first film will be from The Tall Canadian, Caleb Roberts, and Blackfly Canoes titled "There and Back Again". In this short film we follow Caleb all around New Zealand as he open boats some of the most difficult rivers the nation has to offer!

Our next feature in the night will be the aptly named The Canoe Movie from Amongst It Productions. "The Canoe Movie" is a look into the passion and pride that is the matrix of the canoeing community. Meet the characters who’ve shaped one of America’s favorite pastimes into the sport it is today. From masochistic, adrenaline crazed extremeophiles to the Southern Gentlemen who built the foundation of whitewater canoesport, Canoe Movie provides a long overdue tribute to whitewater canoeing. Add archived footage from the sports roots and brilliant, current imagery from both the core of the sport and it’s outer fringes and you have a lighthearted and often humorous look into one of the most heckled sectors of whitewater sport.

Our main feature of the night will be the sequel to "The Canoe Movie" and was the 2012 winner of Canoe & Kayak Magazine's Movie of the Year, "Canoe Movie 2: Uncharted Waters". "Canoe Movie 2" includes more jaw-dropping whitewater canoeing footage from across North America, including first canoe descents of Colorado steep creeks and North Carolina's notorious Toxaway River.

Both Canoe Movies have been out of print for a few years now! So bring a tasty treat or enjoy one of ours and come enjoy some good paddling community fun!