Kayaking Rental Rates

(Weekly rates = 7 days paddling time)

$25 Daily/  $50 Two Day   /  $150 Weekly

Individual Piece of Equipment (Paddle, PDF, Helmet, etc.)
$10 Daily/  $20 Two Day   /  $60 Weekly

Wetsuit (Farmer John or Jane)
$15 Daily/  $30 Two Day/  $90 Weekly

Splash Top
$10 Daily/  $20 Two Day/  $60 Weekly

Dry Top
$15 Daily/  $30 Two Day/  $90 Weekly

Gear Package (Boat, Paddle, Skirt, Helmet, and PFD)
$50 Daily/  $100 Two Day/  $300 Weekly

Inflatable Kayak (Ducky) - Solo Package (Boat, Paddle, Helmet, PFD)                                                                            $45 Daily/ $90 Two Day/ $270 Weekly

Inflatable Kayak (Ducky) - Tandem Package (Tandem boat & two each Paddle, Helmet, PFD)                                 $75 Daily/ $150 Two Day/ $450 Weekly

Open pool sessions on Friday nights in Golden

Renaissance Adventure Guides offers "open" pool sessions on Friday nights at the Golden Rec. Center. Make your reservations with them and let us know what you would like to demo!

Boats for Demo:

Not all sizes available for every boat - please call with any questions

  • Pyranha Ripper

  • Pyranha Machno

  • Pyranha 9R

  • Pyranha 9R L

  • Pyranha Burn III

  • Pyranha Shiva

  • Pyranha Nano

  • Pyranha Loki

  • Pyranha Jed

  • Pyranha Everest

  • Pyranha Fusion

  • Pyranha Fusion SOT

  • Dagger Axiom

  • Dagger Jitsu

  • Dagger Mamba

  • Dagger Nomad

  • Wave Sport Project X

  • Wave Sport Mobius

  • Wave Sport Fuse

  • Wilderness Systems Aspire 100

  • Feel Free Nomad SOT

  • Feel Free Moken 10 Lite SOT (fishing)

Demo & Rental Policies

1)  Photo ID

2) Contract / Liability Release (if participant is under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign)

3)  Basic Skills Required

4)  Reservations, with the exception of tubes, accepted

5)  Late Return Charges apply depending on the rental

Free Demo Night every Wednesday!

Join us every Wednesday night around 6pm at Clear Creek in Golden for our free demo nights. With weather and water levels permitting, we will be posted up at the Clear Creek Play Park with our trailer of boats for you to use free of charge!   Whitewater kayaking experience necessary...sorry, no beginners please.  Please be aware all of the above demo policies will still apply to these demo nights.   If we are not able to be at the playpark, stop by the store or call us on Wednesdays and transport your own free 24-hour demo.  Some restrictions apply.  See store for details.

New to kayaking? Get a lesson from the pros

Golden River Sports works exclusively with Renaissance Adventure Guides for kayak lessons