Tubing Dates

Check with shop, as dates may vary, but usually offered Memorial Day through Labor Day (water levels permitting).   

GRS will *NOT* rent to ANY customers when Clear Creek is over 700 CFS

GRS will *ONLY* rent to customers 18 years and older when Clear is over 500 CFS

Tubing Rates

All prices include tube & PFD until 5:30pm Monday-Saturday and 4:30pm on Sundays (no multi-day rentals or reservations, sorry)

  • Orange, 48" tube, no bottom - $21/day

  • Green, 54" tube w/ handles, cup holder, no bottom - $24/day

  • Double tube w/ handles, cup holders, backrests, no bottom - $37/day

PFD’s are not required but are STRONGLY recommended at any water level and are included in our rental package pricing at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Helmets are not required, but are also strongly recommended.  Helmets are also included in our rental package pricing at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  We have plenty for kids, but adult helmet supplies may be limited to 100 customers on a rotating basis based on daily in-stock inventory.    

A late fee will automatically be charged for all rentals not returned by the close of business that day.

Rip-Board Rates

Rip-Board, Fins & PFD
$35 Daily/  $70 Two Day/  $210 Weekly

Rip-Board Package (Helmet, PFD, Wetsuit, Booties, and Fins)
$65 Daily/  $130 Two Day/  $390 Weekly