Tubing Dates

Check with shop, as dates may vary, but usually offered Memorial Day through Labor Day (water levels permitting).

GRS will *NOT* rent to ANY customers when Clear Creek is over 700 CFS

GRS will *ONLY* rent to customers 18 years and older when Clear is over 500 CFS

Tubing Rates

All prices include tube & PFD until 5:30pm Monday-Saturday and 4:30pm on Sundays (no multi-day rentals or reservations, sorry)

  • Orange, 48" tube, no bottom - $21/day

  • Green, 54" tube w/ handles, cup holder, no bottom - $24/day

  • Double tube w/ handles, cup holders, backrests, no bottom - $37/day

A late fee will automatically be charged for all rentals not returned by the close of business that day.

Rip-Board Rates

Rip-Board, Fins & PFD
$35 Daily/  $70 Two Day/  $210 Weekly

Rip-Board Package (Helmet, PFD, Wetsuit, Booties, and Fins)
$65 Daily/  $130 Two Day/  $390 Weekly