FLY FISHING Black Friday & Small Biz Saturday Clearance Inventory

For colors and sizing, stop in or call (303) 215-9386!  Credit card phone orders welcome.

Wading Boots:

Patagonia Aluminum Foot Tractor Wading Boots  Retail Price: $279.00  Sale Price:$161.00

Patagonia Ultralight Sticky Wading Boot  Retail Price: $179.00  Sale Price:$104.00

Patagonia Rock Grip Boots  Retail Price: $239.00  Sale Price:$120.00

Korkers White Horse Wading Boot  Retail Price: $179.99  Sale Price:$129.00

Patagonia River Crampons  Retail Price: $199.00  Sale Price:$100.00

Korkers Studded Felt Omnitrax Sole  Retail Price: $39.99  Sale Price:$30.00

Korkers Studded Kling-On Omnitrax Sole  Retail Price: $39.99  Sale Price:$30.00

Korkers Svelte Omnitrax Sole  Retail Price: $49.99  Sale Price:$28.00


Redington Crosswater  Retail Price: $109.95  Sale Price:$66.00

Redington Willow River  Retail Price: $159.95  Sale Price:$96.00

Redington Palix River  Retail Price: $169.95  Sale Price:$102.00

Redington Palix River Pant  Retail Price: $139.95  Sale Price:$123.00

Redington Sonic Pro  Retail Price: $299.95  Sale Price:$180.00

Redington Sonic Dry  Retail Price: $399.95  Sale Price:$221.00

Redington Sonic Dry Pant  Retail Price: $299.95  Sale Price:$177.00

Redington Sonic Dry Fly  Retail Price: $499.95  Sale Price:$277.00

Redington Sonic Pro Ultra Packable Wader  Retail Price: $289.95  Sale Price:$162.00

Redington Sonic Pro Ultra Packable Wader  Retail Price: $289.95  Sale Price:$162.00

Patagonia Gunnison Gorge Pants  Retail Price: $299.00  Sale Price:$173.00

Patagonia Skeena River  Retail Price: $399.00  Sale Price:$232.00

Patagonia Rio Azul  Retail Price: $299.00  Sale Price:$173.00

Patagonia Rio Gallegos  Retail Price: $499.00  Sale Price:$290.00


Redington Rise  Retail Price: $169.95  Sale Price:$113.00

Redington Rise  Retail Price: $179.95  Sale Price:$120.00

Redington Rise  Retail Price: $189.95  Sale Price:$127.00

Redington Rise  Retail Price: $199.95  Sale Price:$134.00

Redington Rise Spool  Retail Price: $80.00  Sale Price:$47.00

Redington Delta  Retail Price: $199.00  Sale Price:$111.00

Redington Delta Spool  Retail Price: $99.95  Sale Price:$69.00


Ross Diamond  Retail Price: $299.00  Sale Price:$165.00

Redington Classic Trout  Retail Price: $149.95  Sale Price:$100.00

Redington Butter Stick (3-piece)  Retail Price: $249.95  Sale Price:$166.00

Redington Voyant  Retail Price: $189.95  Sale Price:$152.00

Redington Vapen  Retail Price: $299.95  Sale Price:$166.00

Redington Vapen Red  Retail Price: $349.95  Sale Price:$220.00

Redington CPX  Retail Price: $329.95  Sale Price:$165.00

Scott S4  Retail Price: $725.00  Sale Price:$450.00

Rod/Reel Outfits:

Redington Path (2-piece)  Retail Price: $169.95  Sale Price:$129.00

Redington Voyant  Retail Price: $299.95  Sale Price:$240.00

Rod/Reel Cases:

Redington Single Rod Case  Retail Price: $34.95  Sale Price:$25.00

Redington Double Rod Case  Retail Price: $44.95  Sale Price:$35.00

Fishpond Kodiak Molded Reel Case  Retail Price: $21.95  Sale Price:$15.00

Fishpond Kodiak Molded Reel Case  Retail Price: $23.95  Sale Price:$15.00


Brodin Stealth Firehole Net  Retail Price: $110.00  Sale Price:$71.00

Brodin Stealth Trout Net  Retail Price: $110.00  Sale Price:$71.00

Brodin Stealth Carbon Fibre Net  Retail Price: $115.00  Sale Price:$74.00

Brodin Phantom Tailwater Net  Retail Price: $90.00  Sale Price:$77.00

Brodin Stealth Float Tube Net  Retail Price: $125.00  Sale Price:$81.00

Brodin Stealth Net  Retail Price: $125.00  Sale Price:$81.00

Brodin Phantom Firehole Net  Retail Price: $80.00  Sale Price:$52.00

Brodin Phantom Cutthroat Net  Retail Price: $85.00  Sale Price:$55.00

Brodin Phantom Frying Pan Net  Retail Price: $90.00  Sale Price:$60.00

Packs and Vests:

Redington Clark Fork Vest  Retail Price: $39.95  Sale Price:$25.00

Umpqua Swiftwater Tech Vest  Retail Price: $179.99  Sale Price:$109.00

Umpqua Toketee Vest  Retail Price: $159.99  Sale Price:$99.00

Fishpond Chica Women's Vest  Retail Price: $139.95  Sale Price:$85.00

Fishpond Kingfisher Tech Vest  Retail Price: $179.95  Sale Price:$110.00

Astral Ronny Fisher PFD  Retail Price: $159.95  Sale Price:$113.00

Umpqua Famous 2500 Boat Bag  Retail Price: $219.99  Sale Price:$131.00

Fishpond Westwater Guide Lumbar Pack  Retail Price: $139.95  Sale Price:$84.00

Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack  Retail Price: $179.95  Sale Price:$129.00

Fishpond Cerveza Sidekick  Retail Price: $69.95  Sale Price:$56.00

Fishpond Drift Boat Caddie  Retail Price: $99.95  Sale Price:$86.00

Patagonia Dry Bag Kit  Retail Price: $45.00  Sale Price:$25.00

Soft Goods:

MFC Redneck  Retail Price: $23.95  Sale Price:$15.00

Rep Your Water Sun Shield  Retail Price: $18.00  Sale Price:$13.00

Loon Sun Mask  Retail Price: $20.00  Sale Price:$15.00

Patagonia Sun Mask  Retail Price: $29.00  Sale Price:$15.00

Patagonia Shelled Insullator Gloves  Retail Price: $79.00  Sale Price:$40.00

Patagonia Mid Weight Merino Wool Sock  Retail Price: $24.00  Sale Price:$13.00

Patagonia Men's Capilene 4 One Piece Suit  Retail Price: $199.00  Sale Price:$100.00

Patagonia Men's Capilene Midweight 3 Pant  Retail Price: $55.00  Sale Price:$28.00

Patagonia Men's Capilene Midweight 3 Crew  Retail Price: $55.00  Sale Price:$28.00

Patagonia Men's Capilene Expediton 4 Crew  Retail Price: $79.00  Sale Price:$40.00

Patagonia Capilene Expediton 4 Balaclava  Retail Price: $35.00  Sale Price:$16.00

Patagonia Fitzscape Flippin' Beanie Hat  Retail Price: $35.00  Sale Price:$16.00

Patagonia Men's Adze Jacket  Retail Price: $139.00  Sale Price:$70.00

Patagonia Men's Shelled Insulator Pants  Retail Price: $149.00  Sale Price:$75.00

MFC Udesen's Montana Brown Hoody  Retail Price: $60.00  Sale Price:$40.00

Umpqua Full Zip Hoody  Retail Price: $126.99  Sale Price:$80.00

Ross Worldwide Visor  Retail Price: $20.00  Sale Price:$10.00