Free Movie Night - "Congo: The Grand Inga Project"

Free Movie Nights at GRS are back! Join us Thursday, Nov. 2nd for a free viewing of two kayaking films! The first will be a short (15 mins). film from the fellas at Substantial Media House and our main feature will be one of Steve Fisher's finest, "Congo: The Grand Inga Project". So join us with your favorite frosty beverage, or share some of ours, and settle in for some awesome kayaking!

"New Zealand - 2016" by Substantial Media House came out less than a year ago and highlights some of what NZ has to offer! So, as SMH says "Toss another shrimp on the Barbie, crack a Speights, and enjoy some SUBSTANTIAL footy from our trip to New Zealand in November 2016."

"Congo: The Grand Inga Project" chronicles kayak icon Steve Fisher as he and a team of the bravest and most talented paddlers on earth (Rush Struges, Benny Marr, Tyler Bradt) tackle a first descent of the Inga Rapids, a deadly stretch of whitewater in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is honestly one of the most exciting and professional kayak films out there. Be sure not to miss this!